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Rebuilding Vietnam One School at a Time

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rebuilt schools produce eager students

Imagine children eager to learn.

Visualize these youngsters trying to read and write in dimly-lit, crowded shacks with neither electricity nor running water.

Then, imagine them in clean, spacious school buildings, with electricity and plumbing.

Vietnam once boasted a literacy rate of 90 percent. It is a nation where education is highly valued and the educational aspirations of girls are as important as those of boys. Schools are critical building blocks for a secure, peaceful, prosperous future.

"Our goal is to build as many seats in new modern schools as there are names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial."-Terry Anderson - Chair, Vietnam Children’s Fund

In cooperation with Vietnamese officials and with the support of corporations and individuals around the world, the Vietnam Children’s Fund has been building schools since 1994. Working closely with each community, calling upon local artisans and using readily available materials, VCF constructs schools that are sturdy, safe, and clean. Because a school may be the only well-built structure in a community, it serves as not only a gathering place for residents but is often the only safe haven from the elements during a natural disaster.

VCF accepts no government funds. Our funding is all private and comes from individuals, foundations and corporations.